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NO-BOOK 傻瓜机一定发App中级版Try and do your best next time.下次尽量做好。

所属教程:NO-BOOK 傻瓜机一定发App中级版



Unit 236第236单元
Try and do your best next time.下次尽量做好。
1.Try and do your best next time.1.下次尽量做好。
2.Try and make a better arrangement.2.尽量做一个好点的安排。
3.Try and be quiet.3.尽量安静点。
4.But I'll at least have a try at it.4.但我至少要试一试。
5.I'm sure you'll pass. Try.5.肯定你能过,试一次吧。
6.At least let me have a good try.6.至少要让我努力试一下。
7.Give it a try and see if you like it.7.用一下试试看,你是否喜欢。
8.Let's try one more time to reach the top of the mountain.8.让大家再做一次努力,爬上山顶。
Unit 237第237单元
He is as regular as clockwork.他准时如同时钟。
1.He is as regular as clockwork.1.他准时如同时钟。
2.I'm just as poor as a church mouse.2.我现在一贫如洗,恰似教堂里的老鼠。
3.He is as sneaky as a fox.3.他像狐狸一样爱耍花招。
4.She is always as busy as a bee.4.她总是像蜜峰般忙来忙去。
5.She is as cheerful as a lark.5.她都快活成一只百灵鸟了。
6.He is as cunning as a fox.6.他诡计多端得跟只狐狸似的。
7.She is as vain as a peacock.7.她极其自负,跟一只孔雀一样。
8.You're as deaf as a post.8.你聋得像邮筒一样。
Unit 238第238单元
There's a gentleman asking for you.有一位先生要见你。
1.There's a gentleman asking for you.1.有一位先生要见你。
2.Everything you asked for is ready.2.你想要的东西都准备好了。
3.We ask for the cooperation of all concerned.3.大家呼吁一切有关方面的合作。
4.The matter asks for immediate attention.4.这事需要马上关注。
5.I'll phone them to ask for the information.5.我要打电话了解些情况。
6.You are asking for a cold.6.你这是在自找感冒。
7.He asked for it.7.他是咎由自取。
8.He never asks for pity from others.8.他从不乞求别人的怜悯。
Unit 239第239单元
The future of the world belongs to you.世界的未来属于你们。
1.The future of the world belongs to you.1.世界的未来属于你们。
2.The house belongs to my company.2.那房子属于我的企业。
3.He belongs to the 18th century school.3.他属于十八世纪流派。
4.The star belongs to the night; my heart belongs to thee...4.星星属于夜晚,我的心属于你......
5.You don't belong in the beginners' class.5.你不应在初级班。
6.I belong in my country not in New York.6.我适合留在祖国而不是纽约。
7.Where do these things belong?7.那些东西应该放哪儿?
8.The lamp belongs on that table.8.这盏灯应放在那个桌上。
Unit 240第240单元
Christmas is near.圣诞节要来临了。
1.Christmas is near.1.圣诞节要到了。
2.Don't go far away, stay near somewhere.2.不要走远,就呆在附近。
3.How near is the sea from here!3.海离大家多近啊!
4.Don't stand so near the train.4.别站得离火车太近。
5.It's convenient living near the station.5.靠近火车站住生活很方便。
6.The examination is near at hand.6.考试就近在眼前。
7.Always have a dictionary near at hand.7.手边要经常放一本词典。
8.Fortunately the baby's mother was near at hand.8.幸亏他母亲在眼前。
Unit 241第241单元
Would it be of real benefit to me?是否这真的对我有好处。
1.Would it be of real benefit to me?1.是否这真的对我有好处?
2.Children are still young, so the book isn't of benefit to them.2.孩子们还小,这本书对他们没好处。
3.It'll prove of great benefit to you.3.这最终将对你们有极大好处。
4.I received no personal benefit.4.我没得到什么个人的利益。
5.We developed trade with you for mutual benefit.5.大家同你们发展贸易是为了双方的利益。
6.The factory will be a benefit to our city.6.这个厂会给大家的城市带来好处。
7.Industry will bring many benefits to our national economy.7.工业将给国民经济带来很多好处。
8.The money will be used for the benefit of the poor.8.这笔款要用来为穷人的利益服务。
Unit 242第242单元
You must face up to life.你要勇于面对生活。
1.You must face up to life.1.要敢于面对生活。
2.You should learn to face up to difficulties.2.你必须学会面对困难。
3.He won't face up to the truth that he's old.3.他不愿面对自己已老的事实。
4.People have to face up to the facts.4.人们必须面对事实。
5.There're many dangers you'll have to face up to.5.有许多危险得去面对。
6.I dare not face up to the reality.6.我不敢面对现实。
7.These are what you'll have to face up to.7.这就是你要面对的。
8.I'll face up to the trouble that I've made.8.我惹的麻烦我自己去承担。
Unit 243第243单元
You must pay attention to what I say.你要注意我的话。
1.You must pay attention to what I say.1.你们要注意我的话。
2.Pay attention to what you're doing.2.注意你正在干的活儿。
3.I shouted to attract the attention of the children.3.我大声喊着引起孩子们的注意。
4.The question has aroused public attention.4.这个问题引起了公众的注意。
5.Don't let your attention wander.5.不要走神。
6.Let me draw your attention to the following questions.6.请各位注意如下问题。
7.Don't let TV distract your attention.7.不要让电视分散了你的注意力。
8.Thanks for your attention.8.谢谢你们的注意。
Unit 244第244单元
Let me give you an example at first.我要首先举个例子。
1.Let me give you an example at first.1.我要首先举个例子。
2.I'll cite an example here.2.我在此要引用一个例子。
3.For example, cameras made in Japan.3.比如日本的照相机。
4.The poem is a good example.4.这首诗就是一个很好的例子。
5.I'll take my father as an example.5.我要以父亲为典范。
6.He is a good example for other children to follow.6.他是其他孩子学习的好榜样。
7.Take my brother for example; he is an excellent singer.7.以我哥哥为例,他是一个出色的歌手。
8.The proverb says: a good example is the best sermon.8.谚语说,以身作则是最好的训诫。
Unit 245第245单元
This is a day to be remembered.这是一个值得记住的日子。
1.This is a day to be remembered.1.这是一个值得记住的日子。
2.I remember I was always very jealous of his acting.2.我记得我过去总是很嫉妒他的表演。
3.I remember you playing the piano beautifully.3.我记得你弹一手漂亮的钢琴。
4.I still remember us going to school hand in hand.4.我还记得跟他们手拉手去上学。
5.I remember telling you that.5.我记得告诉过你这一点。
6.I'll remember your kindness to my family.6.我会记得你对我家的好。
7.Remember to mail the letter.7.记着去邮信。
8.Yes, remember it now.8.对,现在想起来了。
Unit 246第246单元
Hold on please, Mrs Lawrence will speak to you.别忙着,Lawrence夫人将要跟你讲话。
1.Hold on please, Mrs Lawrence will speak to you.1.别忙着,Lawrence夫人要跟你讲话。
2.Please hold on a moment.2.请稍等一下。
3.If you hold on a moment, I'll get him for you.3.如果你等一下,我会替你找来。
4.Hold on there - I don't know who you are.4.先等一等,我不知道你是谁。
5.Hold on, I'll send for a doctor.5.坚持一下,我去让人给他找医生来。
6.Hold on, you'll be all right.6.坚持住,你一会儿就没事了。
7.Hold on, you'll be more fit.7.坚持下去,你身体会更好的。
8.I can't hold on without somebody's assistance.8.没有人帮忙,我坚持不住了。
Unit 247第247单元
I can hardly believe my eyes!我几乎不能相信我的眼睛!
1.I can hardly believe my eyes!1.我简直不相信我的眼睛了!
2.I can't believe my eyes!2.我都不敢相信自己的眼睛了!
3.I can hardly believe what I've heard!3.简直不敢相信我的耳朵!
4.I can't believe what I hear!4.我不相信自己的耳朵!
5.Christians believe in Jesus, but I believe in myself.5.基督徒信仰耶稣,而我信仰自己。
6.I believe in Darwinism.6.我信仰达尔文的理论。
7.I believe these principles to be universally true.7.我相信这些原则四海皆准。
8.I don't believe any words that anybody says.8.我不再相信任何人说的任何话了。
Unit 248第248单元
It needs to be fixed.需要修理一下。
1.It needs to be fixed.1.需要修理一下。
2.My shoes need to be mended.2.我的鞋需要修一下。
3.They need to be polished.3.需要打亮些。
4.My car needs to be services.4.我的车需要保养了。
5.My suit looks awful! It needs a dry cleaning.5.我的西装不成样子了,得干洗了。
6.Maybe it needs new batteries.6.可能要换电池了。
7.This chapter needs to be rewritten.7.这一章需要重写。
8.The work needs to be done carefully.8.这事一定要仔细做。
Unit 249第249单元
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it.别误解了,我很高兴干这活儿。
1.Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it.1.别误解了,我很高兴干这活儿。
2.Don't get me wrong, she is my younger sister.2.不要搞错了,她是我妹妹。
3.Don't get me wrong, I mean I've seen one more beautiful.3.别误会,我的意思是见过一个更漂亮的。
4.Don't get me wrong, I'm just thinking of it.4.别误会,我只是在思考。
5.Don't get me wrong, I just want to help you.5.别误会,我只是想帮他。
6.You got me wrong, I just want to have a look.6.你弄错了,我只是想看一看。
7.Don't get me wrong, I wasn't trying to criticize you.7.不要误会,我不是在批评你。
8.Don't get me wrong, I was just kidding.8.别误会,我刚才是开玩笑的。
Unit 250第250单元
You should take advantage of it.你应该好好利用这个机会。
1.You should take advantage of it.1.你应该好好利用这个机会。
2.Let's take advantage of it and go running.2.让大家利用这个机会,去跑一跑步吧。
3.I took advantage of a moment and escaped.3.我找了个空子溜出来了。
4.I'll take advantage of fine weather to go swimming.4.我想趁此机会去游泳。
5.The people are taking advantage of his position.5.那些人在利用他的职位。
6.Don't let people take advantage of your innocence.6.不要让人家利用了你的无知。
7.He took advantage of people's good nature.7.他利用了人们善良的本性。
8.I guess they're going to take advantage of me.8.我猜想他们是要利用我了。
Unit 251第251单元
It's out of the question.不可能。
1.It's out of the question.1.不可能。
2.Going to the movie? It's out of the question.2.去看影片?不可能了。
3.It's out of the question to leave the country without a passport.3.我没有护照出国是不可能的。
4.It's out of the question to buy anything without money.4.没钱不能买到东西。
5.Moore's return to the team is out of the question.5.Moore再次归队是不可能的了。
6.Finding a new job is out of the question these days.6.最近找工作是不可能的。
7.Sunday is unfortunately out of the question.7.不巧,星期天是办不到了。
8.It's out of the question. He isn't the best person for the job.8.不必谈了,他不是这工作的最佳人选。
Unit 252第252单元
Doctors enjoy a high social status.医生享有的社会地位高。
1.Doctors enjoy a high social status.1.医生享有的社会地位高。
2.I'll be enjoying it for a while.2.我还要再享受一会儿。
3.I hope you'll enjoy yourselves.3.希翼你们玩得高兴。
4.Enjoy yourself, please.4.大家痛快地玩儿吧。
5.There must be something she enjoys.5.一定有一些她喜欢的东西。
6.I really enjoyed it very much.6.我过得很愉快。
7.This is the kind of song I enjoy.7.这正是我欣赏的那种。
8.I enjoyed every minute of it.8.我从头到尾都很欣赏。
Unit 253第253单元
Get rid of it!除掉它!
1.Get rid of it!1.把它处理掉!
2.Get rid of the old furniture!2.旧家俱不用保留了!
3.It has to be gotten rid of!3.不好不养了!
4.You must get rid of your Chinglish.4.你必须去除中国式英语。
5.No, I got rid of it.5.我把它脱手了。
6.You should get rid of things that worry you.6.烦扰你的事,你得排除。
7.You might as well get rid of that fellow.7.你还是摆脱那人的好。
8.You need a thorough rest to get rid of your sleeplessness.8.你需要彻底休息一下,消除困乏。

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