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双语读影片 《魔发奇缘》第17章 :什么?我?吓坏了?不,完全没有。






Mother Gothel’s dagger had been very convincing to the thug she had met outside the Snuggly Duckling. He had told her exactly how to get to the exit from the tunnel into which Rapunzel and Flynn had escaped.

Having found her way to that very exit, Mother Gothel waited with her long dagger hidden in her cloak. She was ready to use it to get Rapunzel away from that thief Flynn Rider. But when the tunnel door finally opened, it wasn’t Flynn Rider and Rapunzel who came out. It was those two criminals she’d seen in shackles at the tavern. Mother Gothel quickly ducked behind a tree.

“I’ll kill him. I’ll kill that Rider,” the talking Stabbington said angrily to his brother.

“We’ll cut him off at the kingdom and get back the crown. Come on!”

“Or perhaps you want to stop acting like wild dogs chasing their tails and think for a moment?” Mother Gothel rasped from her hiding place. Her plans had suddenly changed.

The startled Stabbington brothers drew their swords. Mother Gothel fearlessly stepped out from behind the tree.

“There’s no need for that.” She tossed them the satchel she had found in the tower and watched as they removed the crown and smiled broadly. Mother Gothel would not fight these two men. She hoped they could help her, so she offered them the crown for free and tempted them with something better.

“Well, if that crown is all you want, then be on your way,” she said. “I was going to offer you something worth one thousand times that single crown.” The two brothers stared at her. “It would have made you rich beyond belief,” Mother Gothel continued. “That wasn’t even the best part.” She paused, taking time to let out a hearty laugh.

“Ah, well! C’est la vie!”

As Mother Gothel turned to leave, she heard a voice behind her. “What’s the best part?”

Mother Gothel held up Flynn’s wantedposter and slyly goaded the boys: “What if it came with revenge on Flynn Rider?” The Stabbingtons were suddenly all ears. Mother Gothel smiled wickedly. With their help, she would get Rapunzel back and get rid of Flynn Rider once and for all.

At that same moment, along the banks of the river, Flynn and Rapunzel were sitting by a campfire, drying out. Rapunzel took Flynn’s injured hand and began wrapping her hair around it. This was her gift, and she needed to use it to help Flynn.

Flynn looked at her quizzically as she covered his hand with her hair.

“Flynn. Please,” Rapunzel said soothingly. “Just ... don’t ... freak out.”

Slowly, softly, she began to sing. Her hair began to glow. The long loops of hair that surrounded their campsite lit up the night.

Flynn gazed in amazement but stayed silent. Something was happening to his injured hand. He could feel it. The hair felt warm and soothing, as soft and sweet as Rapunzel’s voice.

When she finished, she gently pulled her hair from Flynn’s palm.

He looked at Pascal. The little chameleon signaled to him to look at his hand.

It was completely healed!

“Oh,” Flynn said in a weary voice, filled with dismay.

“Are you completely freaked out?” Rapunzel asked, dreading the response.

Flynn answered abruptly, “What? Me? Freaked out? No, not at all.” The problem was — he was freaked out! He let out a little shriek — actually a thunderous scream. Then, controlling himself, he resumed: “So. That’s pretty neat — what your hair does. How long has that been going on, exactly?”

“I don’t know.” Rapunzel sighed. But she did trust Flynn. It was time to tell him her story. “People tried to cut it once when I was younger. They wanted to take it themselves. But when it’s cut, it loses its power. A gift like that? It has to be protected. That’s why Mother never let me ...” Rapunzel sighed again. Should she tell Flynn that she had never left the tower? “That’s why I never left the ...”

Finally understanding, Flynn finished her sentence. “You never left that tower.” The revelation both shocked him and made him want to protect her. “And you’re still going to go back?”

“No!” Rapunzel replied. Then she said, “Yes. Ughhhhh!” She buried her face in her hands. “It’s complicated.”

Quickly, she changed the subject. She wanted to know more about Flynn Rider. It turned out that Flynn was the richest, most powerful man in the world. He was a man who could do anything and go anywhere he wanted. He was a man in a book that Flynn — or rather, Eugene — had read every night when he was a child. Over time, Eugene had adopted the name as his own.

When he finished with his story, Flynn stood up and stretched. “I need to get some more firewood,” he said. Promising to return soon, he wandered off into the pitch-black forest.

As Rapunzel felt the warmth of the fire enveloping her, she heard a darkly familiar voice behind her. Startled, she turned to face the cloaked and hooded visitor.








“好了,如果你们想要的就是皇冠,那么就拿去吧。”她说。“我本想向你们提供一桩比那个皇冠值钱一千倍的好事。”兄弟俩盯着她。“那会使你们富有得难以置信。”高瑟妈妈继续说。“这还不是最好的呢。”她顿了一下,不慌不忙地纵声 大笑。


高瑟妈妈转身要走,她听到身后传来的声音。“那什么是 最好?”



















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