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 Realize NETTEL Family 认识奈特尔家庭

     1 新起潮流:奈特尔家庭
     FORGET the Fockers - meet the Nettels. Don't know the Nettels? They're the newest, the edgiest, the hippest life form to emerge from the nation's primal demographic soup.
     Not Enough Time To Enjoy Life, or NETTEL, refers to the rising pool of households headed by two high-income-earning, full-time-working parents with dependent children up to the age of 24. Today it's a different story. Such is the cost of living, or the cost of the expected standard of living, that the traditional nuclear family now requires two incomes.
     But in many traditional nuclear families two full-time incomes are now required to cover the cost of the mortgage, the car payments, the ballet lessons, the Gold Coast holiday, new clothes.
     At the 2006 Census there were 129,000 Nettel households in Australia up from 93,000 five years earlier. About half a million Australians are now thought to live in a Nettel household.
     The distinguishing feature of Nettel households is the way that both parents whip out their Black Berries after dinner so that they can plot, scheme and diaries the next day's activities. About five percent of all traditional nuclear families are Nettels but in some areas this proportion rises well above the national average. The nation's undisputed Nettel hotspot is the suburb of Curtin in Canberra where Nettels comprise 15 percent of all families.
     Canberra households are dominated by two-income earners and Curtin is popular because it obviously allows Nettel households to shuttle between work at Parliament House, home and school. Downtime is minimized in Curtin.Other Nettel hotspots include Paddington in Sydney, Albert Park in Melbourne, Balmoral in Brisbane, Burnley in Adelaide and Karratha in Western Australia. Given the rising pressure on families to keep up with the latest technologies and consumer goods I suspect that Nettel households are here to stay.
     The term "Nettel" coined by Bernard Salt was quoted in the New Vocabulary section of the New York Times website within two days of release in Australia.
     We are not to say that money isn't important (看淡钱的作用)(people spend 70,000+ hours of their life earning it), but the two are related in that to get your time back you're going to have to learn how to earn and manage money differently.
     A good place to start in "finding time" is to look at your lifestyle(注重生活质量). I've seen statistics that say the average adult in America watches 30-40 hours of television a week. You could take a portion of that time to develop a side business that could either get you out of debt (so you don't have to work extra to make debt payments) or help you transition into a career that gives you more money and flexibility with your time.
     2 抽时间享受生活的表达方式
     Realize that in the beginning you may have to sacrifice some time to get it back later(意识到年轻的时候拿身体换钱,年老的时候拿钱来换身体)。
     Find some motivations in your life(找寻生活动力) that will pull you toward finding ways of having more time.

     Not Enough time to Enjoy Life, or NETTEL, refers to the rising pool of households headed by two high-income-earning, full-timeworking parents with dependent children.
     NETTEL(Not Enough time to Enjoy Life,无暇享受生活,简称"奈特尔")指夫妻为高收入全职人员、家中又有孩子需要照顾的家庭。
     Here are two parents working full-time earning lots of money but struggling to balance the commitments that come with a demanding job and an even more demanding family life.
     In many families it's a case of got enough money but hasn't got enough time to enjoy life.
     These stressed-out Nettel parents are forever scheduling, scheming and diarizing about how to execute the next day's events.
     And, by some bizarre twist of logic, many of these parents seem to revel in the scheduling frenzy.
     In a materialistic go-getter world, a couple's ability to juggle and to control life's commercial and familial demands merely confirms their superior "alpha" status.
     Not Enough Time to Enjoy Life, or NETTEL, refers to the rising pool of households headed by two high-income-earning, full-timeworking parents with dependent children.
     You are supposed to enjoy life, not be stressed out all the time. If you spend most of your days stressed about everything that going on at work, you are not at the right job.
     If you are working your butt off and not getting paid enough to pay your bills, you might be overqualified and underpaid for your position. Go find a job that pays what you deserve.
     Census data shows "Nettel" families have increased by 39 percent between the 2001 and 2006 censuses in Australia.
     The "Nettel" family is replacing the "traditional nuclear family"where there was just one breadwinner, leaving families with enough money but have problems managing the commitments of a demanding job and an even more demanding family life.
     Many parents work during holiday time in order to improve family income at the expense of leisure or family reunion.
     Although the family income increases every year, but they lose the opportunities of accompanying children and enjoying life.
     What sounds or impressions are you making on the people around you? Think about it. Your words, phrases, even your message may soon be forgotten but believe me, good or bad, your melody lingers.
     "No time to enjoy life" has become a common problem of such families; working almost becomes the whole of the "Nettle" families.
     The so-called saying is "poor family has everything to worry about", the economic level of the couple, directly or indirectly affect the happiness of a family.
     As a social phenomenon, the NETTLE families are not a step backward.
     This is due to the development of the whole society, including individuals in the workplace of the struggle entering a new stage.
     But this kind of advancement does not necessarily bring happiness to every individual or family.
     In addition to the objective reasons of social development, personal values and the different understanding of life or work, are also causes of the "Nettle" families.
     For example, what is your purpose? to make money? or to live a better life? a different purpose will bring changes in behavior.
     Sometimes, "Nettle family" do have time to enjoy life, but their allocation of time has erred-they put life in second place.
     But if the money came in first, it will have a negative impact in a family.
     Now the generally definition of success is to have a decent material life, and if you do not meet it, you will lose some happiness.

     Daisy: Do you know what is a Nettel Family?
     George: What is that?
     Daisy: You are out. Nettel means double income, not enough time to enjoy life.
     George: Oh, I got it.
     Daisy: This word was coined by an Australian. Census data shows"Nettel" families have increased by 39 percent between the 2001 and 2006 censuses in Australia.
     George: In fact, not only in Australia, in China there are also many"Nettel" families.
     Daisy: You are right. The CPI is so high in China now. Parents are really stressed.
     George: Nowadays, everything is so expensive. To raise a child demands a lot of money.
     Daisy: Yeah. And many parents can not live with their children, and they have to try very hard to earn money. So children are just with their grandparents either on the mother's or father's side. In this way, the children's connection between their parents is not close.
     George: Reality is reality. Life can not go on without money. Life is just like this.
     Daisy: Yes, but for the sake of children, the parents are willing to be tired.

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