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My favorite movie of all-time is Cool Runnings. It is loosely based on the true story about the 1988 Jamaican Bobsled team who competed in the Calgary Winter Olympics.


I loved it as a 12 year old kid, and always kept it as my favorite movie.


It is silly, but also inspirational.


When I watch the movie now, I look at it at a much deeper level.


Here’s what I mean. After they qualify for the Olympics, they get three runs, on three separate days.


The first run is a disaster, the second run is incredible, and the third one is when they crash.


I am going to break these runs down for you and compare them to everyday life.


Inspirational /??nsp??re???nl/ adj. 鼓舞人心的;给予灵感的

Qualify /?kw?l?fa?/ v.(使)具有资格;有权

Separate /?sepr?t/ v. 分开;(使)分离;区分;adj. 单独的;不同的;分开的

Disaster /d??za:st?(r)/ n. 灾难;彻底的失败

Incredible /?n?kred?bl/ adj. 难以置信的;不可思议的




The driver of the 4-Man sled was obsessed with watching the Swiss team practice and compete.


Before the Jamaican’s first run, they copied the Swiss’ team style and technique and they weren’t true to themselves. Their first run was a bust, and they ended up in last place after the first day.


After some reflection and pep talks, the team went back to their roots. They were true to themselves, and they were 100% prepared for the second run. Everything clicked and they moved into 8th place.


The final run they once again were true to themselves. They were pumped up, and more than prepared. Their starting push time was incredible and the announcer even went as far as calling them “champs” during that run.

最后一场比赛他们也一样忠于自己。他们热切期盼着,而且准备得更加充分。开始的一段他们表现得十分出色,观众们甚至大喊着称他们为“冠军” 。

Unfortunately, that rickety old sled they used couldn’t hold up and they crashed. Everyone knows what happened next. They picked up the sled and finished the race.


Now, why am I breaking down Cool Runnings? I think you can use the three runs they had and can make them relate to your lives.


Obsess /?b?ses/ v. 使着迷;缠住(be obsessed with 痴迷于…;迷了心窍)

Technique /tek?ni:k/ n. 技术;技巧

Reflection /r??flek?n/ n. 反映;(关于某课题的)思考

Unfortunately /?n?f?:t??n?tli/ adv. 可惜;不幸地



You can be like the first run and try to be someone else. You can be jealous of other people. You can go off course and not be true to yourself.


And like that last place run by the Jamaican team, you may also see yourself finishing in last.


You won’t be happy when you look at yourself in the mirror, because you aren’t being true to who you are.


You can be like the second run and be true to yourself. God gives us all so many special and unique gifts.


Whether it’s the gift of kindness or being understanding, the gift of humor, or just being a loyal friend, we all have something that makes us who we are.


When you realize what you can offer, it is important to use our gifts for good. When you do this, you will see the fruits of your labor.


Jealous /?d?el?s/ adj. 妒忌的;吃醋的(be jealous of 嫉妒某人)

Unique /ju?ni:k/ adj. 唯一的,仅有的

Kindness /?ka?ndn?s/ n. 仁慈,善行

Loyal /?l???l/ adj. 忠贞的;忠诚的

Important /?m?p?:tnt/ adj. 重要的;权威的




The third run is the true reality of life.


Sometimes you can be prepared. Sometimes you can go into a situation or relationship with all of the best intentions in the world.


Sometimes you can be the best “you” possible, but something will still go wrong. That is life.


However, just like those four Jamaicans who crashed the sled, you can get up and finish the race. Always finish the race.


Reality /ri?æl?ti/ n. 事实;现实

Situation /?s?t?u?e??n/ n. (人的)情况;局面;形势

Relationship /r??le??n??p/ n. 关系;联系

Intention /?n?ten?n/ n. 意向;意图,目的


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