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英语角-圆桌会议 Round Table:南方蟑螂,小强中的战斗强!





Topic1-Does a World Heritage accolade make a difference

Gulangyu Island in east China's Fujian Province, Kekexili National Nature Reserve and Wuyi Mountain in Jiangxi Province have recently joined the ranks of World Culture Heritage and Natural Heritage sites, listed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO, making China in possession of 53, the highest number, of world heritage sites under its belt.

Why are local governments so eager to get their local sites on the list?

Topic2-Loneliness in the workplace

Being one of the thousand employees at a major firm does not get you more friends. White collar workers are calling this "loneliness in the workplace." The new unspoken rule in the office is "mind your own business".

Should you make friends at the workplace? And is it okay for employees to be emotionally detached from their companies?

Topic3-Cockroaches in southern China are the king of cockroaches

The hashtag #Southern China cockroaches versus Northern China cockroaches is trending on Chinese social media. Size does matter in this circumstance, as Southern cockroaches are winning by a landslide in being bigger, and prepare the goose bumps, they can fly!

Is the size of cockroaches dividing north and south China? What can we do to terminate these domestic pests?

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